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About us


About us

MASDA CHEMICAL PTE LTD is a well-established since 1975 in Singapore. Its nature of business includes basic importers, exporters, manufacturer’s representatives and stock list of chemicals to serve the unique.

Supplying Starch of Modified Tapioca, Corn, Potato, Flavor, Food Color, Fragrance, Surfactant, Staldren (Animal Hygienic Powder); Oxygen Obsorber, Silica Gel. Supplying Starch of Corn, Potato, Modified Tapioca Starch,Flavors, Food Color, Food Additives, ingredient, Staldren (Animal Hygien Powder), Oxygen Obsorber/ Silica Gel.

Products and Services

  • Fragrance, Flavor & Food Color
  • Starches (Corn, Potato Modified Tapioca Starch)


  • Chemicals
  • Vet Medicines
  • Food Stuff

Phone: 018243922, 0973036922

Email: chanhtut@gmail.com, masdachem.mm@outlook.com, mrygnmas@msda_admin

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/masdachemicalmm

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